Andrea Gerak Club

I have been planning to launch my own club for a while – the time has come, voila, here is the much awaited Andrea Gerak Club!

Right now (as of around Valentine’s Day of 2017) I am going for a longer journey: traveling through Europe (and more! but I learned not to share too much of my plans in advance). What is for sure: I start in Andalusia! Leaving the Czech Republic in the beginning of next week, crossing the country and the Slovak Republic with a train, to visit my family in Hungary. A few days later: Costa del Sol in Spain, Malaga!!

I only take a small backpack and a small camera with me (plus, if they can fix my phone…), which means pretty much like I will be on a Digital Detox.

Therefore instead of being a butterfly on online social sites in my extra limited internet time, I will be discovering all those wonderful places, living Real Life, and sharing my experiences with you here in my blog. First of all with the Members of my brand new Club!

Beside performing on stages and for various events what I do, now you can be part of my secret dream which is to travel to beautiful destinations in the world and record music videos at spots with great acoustics. Imagine a Bulgarian folk song that I would be singing, up in the Rodope Mountains, an Irish ballad somewhere in the greens of Ireland, a Fado in an old town of Portugal, a Chritmas song in an ancient church…

This folk song from Moravia was recorded in the streets of Prague:

Later you can expect more, professional videos, and certainly more home videos too, personal greetings and such, from gorgeous places I visit. For example, full versions of this or this kind of videos.

And of course, photos, photos and photos! Plus, stories from the road – funny, touching, personal, whatever may come.

Some of my content will remain public and free for all, but others will be available for the different membership levels only.

It is not just that you make it easier for me to cover the costs of a creative, artistic work, and help me to keep on moving but in certain cases you will have the opportunity to actively engage in the process: suggest songs or locations, or participate in making a video or book in other ways.

You become a true, 21st Century Maecenas of the Arts – and you can travel with me, at least here.

Join the Andrea Gerak Club

Choose which bird you would like to be (Aren’t birds cuter than Level 1, 2 or Option 1, 2, etc?)


$1 per month  

Every month:
– One song download every month, in the file format of your choice (where possible)
– Five photos that you can have as your screen saver or background pic. You can also use them online, for your website, blog, social networks.

Every 6th month:

– A handwritten post card from me, the real paper stuff, with pen and stamp, via the old school Post Office!
– Members only updates in email and password protected blog posts.

Choose Kolibri, $1/month


$5 per month  

Every month:
– Twenty photos that you can have as your screen saver or background pic. You can also use them online, for your website, blog, social network.Plus, all other perks of what Kolibris get.

Choose Nightingale, $5 per month


$10 per month  

Every month:
– Thirty photos that you can have as your screen saver or background pic. You can also use them online, for your website, blog, social network.Once a year:- A PERSONALIZED video message with a song for you or for a loved one you want to surprise for an occasion.Plus, all other perks of the Nightingales.

Choose Lark, $10/month


$20 per month  

– A signed copy of a CD, DVD or book, or something nice from my photo gift shop – whatever is hot in the year, after 6 months of being a Seagull,- One personalized video greeting for yourself or for someone you name

Plus,  everything that a Lark get.

Choose Seagull, $20/month


$50 per month  

– I will sing at your event! Family, community or social occasions, anywhere in Europe. (Outside of Europe, we will have to figure out something about the travel expenses). After 6 months of patronage.

Plus, everything that a Seagull gets.

Choose Eagle, $50/month


$100 per month

– I will sing at your event! Family, community or social occasions, worldwide. After 6 months of patronage.

Plus, everything that an Eagle gets

Choose Condor, $100/month

Later on, there will be more perks added, but this is where we start.

You can test the waters with a trial period of one week, for $0.5 for each option.

And naturally, you may unsubscribe anytime, no hard feelings.

Bon Voyage, see you in my Club!


Karlovy Vary (CZ), 2017 January

Andrea Gerak Andrea Gerák (also spelled as Gerak) is a Hungarian artist, mostly known as a singer. She is also photographing, dancing, writing, sometimes acting or modeling, and forever learning through her journey in the world, living a happy nomad life. Her attention turned to health matters after a cancer surgery in 2008. Proud mom of a big boy.


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