About Andrea Gerak Photography

Andrea Gerak Photography

My Facebook profile says that I work at Andrea Gerak Photography, so let that be, although I consider myself more of a Singer. Here is everything you need to know about my visual artist side, in a nutshell.

Make-up, hair, photo, model: Andrea Gerak Make-up, hair, photo, model: Andrea Gerak

Already as a child, I could spend hours with just looking at photos and arranging the family albums, and I always posed happily when my father would take shots of us with his old Russian machine Lubitel and how excited I was when he allowed me to shoot a few pictures!!!

In my late teens, when I began touring in Europe with the folk dance groups, I got another Russian toy, a Smena 8, I guess it was.

Strange enough, but for 10 years or so, when I was living in 5 countries in Europe like Switzerland and visited some of the most beautiful places…

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