To Ms. Sargentini

In the end of June, I wrote an open letter to Judith Sargentini, the Holland Member of European Parliament who is campaigning very heavily against Hungary with her report. My post simply disappeared, shortly after publication. I don’t even find it in my Drafts, and the page gives an error message:

Proof of that my post has been indeed published is that as always, it was immedietaly and automatically posted on my Twitter and Facebook, too:

Fortunately, the entire text was saved in the email WordPress sent me upon publishing, so I can restore it from screen shots. Here we go.

So this was a strange case of a blog post vanishing just like that – no words from WordPress on how could it happen.

As this has been the very first such case accross my several blogs, through several years, I am hesitating to take it as a technical glitch and I am suspecting some censorship here.

The irony of all this is Ms Sargentini’s hate toward my country Hungary that she sees as lacking democracy and rights etc… Well, I am a Hungarian citizen, how is she protecting my fundamental Human Right of Free Speech???

(The reason why globalist bureaucrats like herself, are doing a show trial at the EU, is because of Hungary’s and the Orbán government’s strickt anti-immigration politics. A bit more about the whole situation here.)

Let’s see if this post can stay intact.

Andrea Gerák



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