NOW: March 2016

This post and the Now page borrowed the idea of Derek Sivers, one of my Opinion Leaders since more than a decade, and who also created, with many others telling about what are they doing at this stage of their lives.

So if you were wondering about what am I doing now, thank you for asking, here it is, as of the first spring days of 2016:

I am in the Czech Republic,

  • Starting a longer period of travel, and going home to Hungary for a visit. I only have a loose itinerary for my wanderings, mainly in Europe for this year.

We can call it, say, “Andrea Gerak Inspirational Tour“.

  • Of course, I take bookings for singing performances worldwide as well, but at the moment I don’t have the energy to deal with all the management tasks of a singer career – if someone wants me to sing at their event, I will appreciate that, please contact me here and I will be happy to perform where the vibes and circumstances are right.
    Otherwise I’d rather do busking…Seriously. I am not joking. Don’t be shocked about hearing the Diva singing on a street corner or a cozy little square – enjoy the angel voice, say hello, write in my guest book and drop me some coins or paper ;-)This is how it sounds like, here I was making an experiment with a friend:
  • One beautiful music project though, that brings me back all the time to Prague and around (and we are ready to travel, too), is Fililibi;
  • I am having fun with expanding my singing repertoire: there are so many songs on my list that I wanted to learn since a long, long time and that people have been requesting from me
  • Walking a lot and hiking, taking photos, photos and photos;
  • Taking care of a serious-looking health issue that manifests mainly in my legs;
  • Clearing up my head bit after a relationship break-up (awww, it was so wonderful; the first time when I really would have loved it to last forever…);
  • Re-evaluating my priorities, career and other, professional and private options. The vast variety of singing and business opportunities in front of me leave me almost paralyzed and in the same time, probably make me seem flaky, and I want to jump out of that – however, I find this one and this one pretty cool;
  • Making a little bit of order in my finances: for long years, I have done so much charity type work of various kind, not only singing for free but other things too, that it has caused a long-term disaster for my own money matters. Now I have finally started to climb out of it;
  • Reading books, to learn about things in life, and to keep my imagination fresh. I just finished The Master and Margarita in English and started it in Hungarian, to compare the translations.

What I am not doing and will NOT do:

  • Listening to random music sent to me with “Hey! Check out my new tune and tell me what you think, and please share it on your networks”;
  • Same goes for photos, videos, websites, and so on: I will not vote for your campaign of I don’t even know what, just because you ask me to, nor for your grandchild at a beauty contest, will not like your Facebook page of I have no clue of what, just because you ask me to, etc. Generally: not much online socializing;
  • Going out for a drink – this has never been my thing at all, at all. A coffee or a tea could be perhaps something, but I prefer a more targeted conversation, like talking about a project we’d work on together, or some more action: live music, dancing, fun games with a bunch of friends, a photo walk or an excursion, a vernissage, a lecture, going swimming, biking, etc – there should be something happening (hint, hint, for men who want to date me, haha). I was never good at aimless chit-chat and blah-blah-blah and just “hanging out”, don’t take it personal.
  • As mentioned already: No. More. Free. Gigs. It happened many years ago when I was singing in the street (yes, again, don’t be surprised…), a young Italian tourist was listening to me for maybe 20 minutes, and at the end, gave me 500 Euros. Yes, five-hundred. You can do some math, if you ever consider that a singer should sing for just free…I sing and do other (mainly) artistic work because I love doing them, and because I like to give nice moments to others, touching their hearts, and wherever I can help someone in other ways, I am happy to do it – but I had to put an end to the overwhelming requests of people, when I said yes and did everything I could for somebody else, but I didn’t take care of myself, and also, couldn’t give to my son everything I wanted to.Now, there are quite a few ways of working with me, get ideas from here

What I WOULD LOVE TO do more of:

  • Writing. One main target is to get some good, portable computer (eyeing a Sony Xperia Z4) so that I can write more poems, short stories, articles and whatevers that are on my mind (plus, work with music, photos and videos). I am typing this post on a computer of the hostel where I am staying for 2 or 3 more days – and after that, I don’t know yet when will I have access to a decent device. An entire book is wanting go come out of me, I just need to be able to sit down without distractions.
  • Be a bit more organized online: from the 2nd half of March, I will only have some kind of a smart phone for online access, and no any computer for a while. I will see how that will work. But I can feel a Sony Xperia Z3 or 5 Compact, and a Z4 finding their ways to me… 🙂

If my activities or priorities change, I will publish a new NOW post with that date, and update the constant Now page.

On my birthday, 2016 Jan 15. The haircut is my work, the green color is only a photo effect, though



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Andrea GerakAndrea Gerák (also spelled as Gerak) is a Hungarian artist, mostly known as a singer. She is also photographing, dancing, writing, acting, modeling, and forever learning through her journey in the world, living out of a suitcase. Her attention turned to healthy living after a cancer surgery in 2008. Proud mom of a big boy.

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