Deleted comments #1 – Understanding Sweden’s Diversity: Migration in Sweden, on Slow Travel Stockholm

It looks like just for the record, I have to start publishing comments that I made on other blogs but that are deleted in the name of free speech, diversity, inclusion and inclusiveness. It is indeed remarkable that exactly those people are touting democracy and all these nice, liberal values, are simply not able to stand up to a conversation when somebody challenges their views. And I do my best not to attack or  belittle the person but strictly to question something they say, asking for references of what they say, clarify something, give them some facts that they have missed, or tell about my own, personal experience on the subject.

So here is the first one.

Understanding Sweden’s Diversity: Migration in Sweden, on Slow Travel Stockholm

My deleted comment:

“Sweden once must have been a wonderful country – its nature and some architecture still is, and I met wonderful people, too, when I lived in Stockholm for years with my Swedish husband.

However, as an artist from Hungary, I was struggling terribly, had to escape to perform to other countries, and I couldn’t survive the cultural shock: compared to Central Europe, Sweden seemed deadly boring, as for live music, dance, theaters, festivals, traditions.

Apart from its unique location, pretty architecture and great infrastructure, Stockholm was a faceless, shapeless, characterless, languageless, lifeless, gray mass of people, lacking communication, and definitely not giving any feel of being the capital of a Scandinavian country.

(Living in a village for one year and visiting other, small places with a determining majority of native Swedes, was like breathing fresh air.)

Apart from what eyeslevel said in the first comment here, I will not start about what is REALLY going on with migration in Sweden and in a big part of Europe – it baffles me how good, intelligent people in developed, advenced countries like Sweden, believe whatever the leftist, politically correct propaganda says, and how they have no clue about how suicidal Replacement Migration, Population Replacement, Migrant Invasion, Islamisation are, for any European country.

These are a few search keywords anyone who truly cares about their own country, should look up and study a little bit. And Kalergi Plan, for those who are willing to dig deeper.

Yes, there are individuals from other lands who positively contribute to their chosen countries. My dentist in Stockholm was from Iran, and the little Turkish shop saved our evenings several times when nothing else was open.

But one must look at the other side of the coin as well and see the “benefits” of the so-called Cultural Enrichment, Diversity, Multiculturalism: increased gang rapes, arsons, terror attacks and other types of crimes, paralel societies with no-go zones and Sharia (have you never heard of honor crimes, balkongflickor or hedersmord????? that’s been brought to Sweden from outside by Muslims? One must say how things ARE – PC blah-blah doesn’t help anyone), the already bad housing situation made even worse, taxes and retirement age raising in order to finance all the expenses of hosting big masses of (mostly economic) migrants who don’t give back to society anything.

In your article Lola, you forgot to mention that crime rates started to raise steeper in the 70s – that’s when Sweden opened its borders to a greater number of immigration from outside of Europe.

Import 3rd world masses – import 3rd world problems. Why is that so difficult to understand?

Plenty of material available for those who are willing to look.

In closing, two things:
May I invite you to read a little bit more about what Multiculturalism IN FACT should mean: https://andreagerak.wordpre…

And you might also want to ponder this: those nations, countries that have strong culture, don’t NEED to be inclusive with everybody whoever just comes by – especially if they don’t bring anything nice.

God Jul – I hope you Swedish people are allowed to celebrate it and it doesn’t hurt the feelings of the “guests” in Sweden…”

One house where I lived for a while in Stockholm

— Andrea Gerák


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Andrea Gerak Andrea Gerák (also spelled as Gerak) is a Hungarian artist, mostly known as a singer. She is also photographing, dancing, writing, sometimes acting or modeling, and forever learning through her journey in the world, living a happy nomad life. Her attention turned to health matters after a cancer surgery in 2008. Proud mom of a big boy.



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